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Horse and Human Well-Being and Performance


"Emotional Conformation Profiling; because 
knowing who your horse is, is just as important 
as knowing what your horse is.”  
- Kerry M Thomas

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About Kerry

Kerry blends research of wild horse herds and social structures with the needs of the equines in the artificial human environment with a focus on the concept of Emotional Conformation & naturally occurring Herd Dynamics.

Using the visionary technique that is Emotional Conformation Profiling, his services range from Breeding selections, training protocol developments to pre-purchase evaluations. Investigate, Evaluate, Apply because the mental capacity of the equine controls the physical output of the athlete.

THT has been recognized globally as a premier service for the racing and sport horse industries, and a leading researcher and pioneer in a new field.

You can contact Kerry through his website THTBloodstock.com to schedule an appointment anywhere in the world.

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